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Speaking to the next generation of waterside home owners.

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Waterside Properties have over 30 years’ experience when it comes to homes by the water, in seaside, marina, riverside, lakeside and coastal locations in the UK and overseas.

They have a unique agency network of homes on or near the water and offer some of the very finest waterside properties for discerning buyers.
Development sketches of Waterside Properties logo
Waterside Properties logo
Waterside properties brand patterns
Waterside Properties business cards
Waterside Properties outdoor signage
Waterside Properties brochures
Waterside Properties affliate members outdoor signage
Visual of waterside properties mobile website designs

Optimising the user journey for mobile.

Analysing the analytics for the Waterside Properties website, we realised that nearly 70% of the traffic were mobile users. With this in mind we took a mobile first approach, in the design, discovery and build phase, with the aim to fully optimise the website for it’s primary audience.

Visual of Waterside Properties mobile website search functionality
Viewport height search
Visual of Waterside Properties mobile website active search functionality
Predicitive search fields
Visual of Waterside Properties mobile website property listings
Organised property lists
Visual of Waterside Properties mobile website property detail page
Content prioritisation
Visual of Waterside Properties website desktop screens

"There is simply no other company that I would entrust with designing, building and maintaining our website. The Evensix team were superb in every aspect of the what was a very involved and complex project, and I cannot recommend Evensix highly enough to anyone who demands the best and requires a professionally-built, bespoke website and brand"

Nick Bryne, Director, Waterside Properties
Visual of Waterside Properties mobile visuals in an Iphone
person using the Waterside Properties website on an Ipad
Woman using the Waterside Properties website on a laptop in the garden

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