New destination for the world's largest CS:GO matchmaking event

Mobile device displaying the FACEIT Community Clash website, with design elements and graphics from the website arranged around it, providing a visual context for the website's design
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The WhiteBIT Community Clash by FACEIT is the world's largest CS:GO matchmaking event. Expanding to a new market in 2022 - South America - it needed an eye-catching and engaging static site, aimed at easily distracted highly competitive gamers, to encourage users to join a 'clan' and take part in the tournament. With only a month to go before its launch, the project had a very tight timeframe.


With time of the essence, we started by defining a light touch visual identity for the event which enabled us to refresh the logo and commence the project in full. We then designed an engaging site that would bring users on a journey through the event, with animated 3D objects and a mixture of vertical and sideways scroll that brought to life the energy of the month-long event.


A project delivered on time, to a really happy team that gave them an exciting new platform to launch their event.

FaceIt WhiteBit Community Clash Website Scroll Through
Face it community clash website on a mobile background
FaceIt WhiteBit Community Clash Website on mobile device
FaceIt WhiteBit Community Clash Website on mobile device loading
FaceIt Whitebit Website Spinning Coin
FaceIt WhiteBit Community Clash Logo
FaceIt WhiteBit Community Clash Desktop Website Full Site
FaceIt WhiteBit Community Clash Website Spinning Hero

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