From concept to investment.

Mobile device screen displaying user interface designs for the Qorate app
  • Design sprint
  • Brand Workshops
  • Brand strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Branding
  • Brand discovery
  • Logo design
  • Brand proposition
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Concept app designs
  • Investor deck


Due to Covid-19, many cycling events were cancelled or postponed, and the ones that continued had low attendance. The result of this was a decline in support for the sport and in particular, a decrease in revenue. The team behind Qorate decided to create a community platform to allow people to donate at local cycling events or when they saw the QR code. They also wanted to pitch for wider funding so needed a brand and assets to help them.


We agreed a design sprint with Qorate and in a short amount of days, created their brand, including logo, colours, typography etc. as well as concept designs for their app and an investment deck to enable them to go out and request funding.


A successful brand who managed to secure significant external investment

Qorate - Nobody pays to watch cycling
Qorate - But what if they could?
Qorate - Mobiles Wall
Qorate Logo
Tall image of the Qorate Support Sport Bike
Qorate Nice Nice Nice Image
Qorate mobile app searching for events
Qorate mobile app events found
Three smartphones with different content on
Qorate Support Sport Horizontal Image

Next project


Developing a distinct brand to get cut through in a busy space.

Visual identity design for Native Two, incorporating striking glow and shadow effects