e6 Digital Brands Model

Looking to create or develop your brand? Our strategic thinkers and creative designers are experts in defining, creating and shaping engaging digital brands.


Brand Identity

Thought through and relevant across every touchpoint, your brand identity defines how you communicate your brand to the outside world, from your purpose to your personality.

Take a look at the brand identity we created for 4SE

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Abstract representation of the 4se logo, featuring unique and artistic design elements


Event Branding

Visual Identity

Visually encapsulate your brand strategy, tone of voice and unique personality. From your logo, typeface and colour scheme, to your brand world.

Take a look at the visual identity we created for NativeTwo


Digital Brand Guidelines

When it comes to brand guidelines, we aren’t the run of the mill agency creating static PDFs. Our brand guidelines are current and updatable, with assets readily available to use. We create our brand guidelines online.

Take a look at the design system we created for the VoCoVo portal

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Composite image displaying various design elements and components used in the VoCoVo portal, including buttons, icons, color schemes, and layout structures


Design system creation
01Design sprint

In a short number of days, we'll do a deep dive into your brand, interrogate your problem and present back a visual solution to give you an indication of how we work and what can be achieved

02Brand strategy

We distil your values, goals, vision and core messages to reveal a clearer picture of your brand's identity to allow us to develop a considered roadmap for how to communicate your brand to the outside world.

03Brand Workshops

Our workshops come in many different forms, from impact mapping and brand discovery to user stories and sketching sessions. We'll take you on the journey to break everything down and build it back up again.


Every branding project begins with research; research about you, your competitors, the industry and key trends so we can glean insights and discover new possibilities.

05Touchpoint Mapping

Gain the necessary context into where your brand is being seen and how. We map these touchpoints out with you.

06CX mapping

Understanding your customer's journey is key to unlocking both the potential for your brand and the opportunities that will see that potential realised.

07Consensus building

Key to any strategy or plan is consensus throughout your company and in particular, with key stakeholders. It's important that we build advocates at the start that are not only invested but can then bring the strategy to life.

08Stakeholder interviews and analysis

We conduct semi-guided one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders to look for insights and hear ideas to enable us to develop a clear consensus to move forward with.

09Creative Direction

Every brand needs creative direction; it’s your north star, guiding decisions, keeping everything consistent, we set these principles up with you.

10Accessibility audit

Accessibility should be commonplace in a company’s brand and visual identity guidelines, but it's often overlooked. An audit of your current guildelines (such as your brand colours) will highlight where you could be more inclusive for the visually impaired.

11Logo design

An integral part to any brand, we believe when it comes to logo design, simplicity is the key. We create instantly memorable and precisely designed logos, perfect for every application.

12Name generation

A strong brand name is imperative, so we'll analyse the industry, research your competitors and ideate a shortlist of potential names that will cement your place in the industry.

13Digital brand creation

We design and build digital brands through websites, apps, social media, video and more.

14Motion design

Brands aren’t static, video and animation inject energy and pace into your brand, we build this in from the start.

153D design

Every now and then, your brand might need to push the boundaries of what's possible, that's where our 3D artists come in, experts in bringing the wildest of ideas to life.


Every brand needs a bank of visual assets, from icons to imaginative illustrations, to tell their story. We can build out that library so you have numerous assets to play with.

17Value exchange mapping

Your business has goals but so do your customers. We consider the goals of both to define where that value exchange lies to we're meeting everyone's expectations.

18Campaign Branding

Campaigns needs to stand out, so they often require an aesthetic or identity that is different from your primary brand. We'll help you define how far it should go and create a visual identity that will help you reach your campaign objectives.


We will craft your brand story, injecting your unique personality but making sure to always keep it relevant to your audience and your industry.

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