Shaping a next-gen interactive 3D product launch

Series 5 Pro headset
  • Development
  • UI (user Interface) design
  • UX (user experience) design
  • 3D Modelling
Top features
  • WebGL tour
  • Headless microsite
  • Sanity headless CMS
  • Scroll animations


As one of the company’s biggest product launches to date, VoCoVo needed a digital platform to introduce the Series 5 Pro headset, amplify its offerings and maximise the impact that this one piece of tech would have on the retail industry. More importantly, they needed to solve previous challenges of communicating the features of a headset in either 2D graphics or video, neither of which were optimal for the sales team internally or their core audience. At a time when the product wasn’t available for customers to observe it personally, creating a way to bring the features and benefits of the headset to life in a more immersive way as well as tell the story behind it, was imperative.


This project revolved around the revolutionary new headset, so this had to be the main focal point of the site. Ensuring customers could really experience the changes to this iteration of headset was imperative, so the decision was made to bring the headset to life using interaction on scroll and 3D which create a more immersive experience. In addition to the product focus, the story behind the product was also integral, as direct customer feedback was instrumental in its creation. So, we needed to create a site that could tell that story, whilst giving the core features a chance to breathe, enabling visitors to seamlessly navigate and find the information they were looking for in a smooth, customer friendly, performant way.


The product and site were recently very successfully launched at the Retail Technology Show, giving the team the perfect tool to highlight the features of the product alongside the physical product itself, and send to both existing and potential customers to introduce the Series 5 Pro. The site communicates both internally and externally what the product can do; the sales team are using it to demonstrate the new headset and customers can now easily understand the role of the headset and the benefits it offers. The client is delighted with how well-received the site has been and commented that it was even better than they could have imagined.

VoCoVo S5 Headset Battery

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