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Oxford Media Factory is a video production agency based in Oxfordshire with over 10 years of industry experience. Working with both large global clients and small boutique brands, Oxford Media Factory are specialists in using film, photography and animation to make their client's ideas into reality, every client benefiting from their tried and tested global delivery system. 

Evensix™ was tasked with re-branding the existing company’s brand identity to reflect their updated value proposition - Oxford Media Factory utilises cutting edge technology and a network of trusted partners around the world, to deliver high-quality media production for today’s on-demand society.
Oxford Media Factory colour scheme
Oxford Media Factory business cards
Oxford Media Factory T-Shirt
Oxford Media Factory stationary
Oxford Media Factory website visuals
As part of the brand discovery phase with Oxford Media Factory, we quickly realised there was a specialist branch of the company dedicated to media production for the healthcare industry.

This branch of the business required a slightly different pitch to its more targeted audience, needing a more targeted, industry-specific, visual and verbal language to accommodate for the bespoke services and value proposition of this area of the business, together we needed to find a way to make the brand more relevant to this audience.

With that in mind, Oxford Media Factory's sister company was born... Global Healthcare Media.
Oxford Media Factory and Gloabl Healthcare Media logos
Global Healthcare Media business cards
Global Healthcare Media T-Shirt
Global Healthcare Media stationary
Global Healthcare Media website visuals

“The team at Evensix spent the time to uncover what made us tick, defining our personality and value proposition to our customer, before visual and verbally communicating that throughout our brand assets.

We couldn’t be happier with our new brand identity and website, but more importantly, the sense of direction it’s given us as a company has been invaluable.”

Chris Smith, Oxford Media Factory

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