e6 Digital Products Model

Looking to create, develop or define new or existing product? Our seasoned professionals in strategic thinking, creative design and progressive development are experts in shaping and delivering awe-inspiring products.


Headless websites

Let your content flow across channels and platforms. We create headless websites that bring your content to life and future proof your digital experiences.

Take a look at the gaming universe we created for Excel esports.

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Mobile device screen displaying user interface designs for the Qorate app


Design sprint

UX Consultancy

If you’ve got a team of developers but feel you need experienced UX/UI support to think through and bring ideas to life quicker, you’re in the right place.

Take a look at the UX consultancy we offered Qorate.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Are you looking to create the next big digital product? Our team can design, develop and architect React.js PWAs. Our team are well versed in creating cutting edge digital products.

Take a look at the virtual event platform we created for the Premier League.


Every web project begins with discovery; understanding you, your competitors, the industry and key trends so we can glean insights and discover new possibilities.

02Design sprints

In a short number of days, we'll do a deep dive into your product, interrogate your problem and present back a solution to give you an indication of how we work and what can be achieved.


We work with your in-house teams, be that product owners, marketing or developers, to ensure that what we're creating works for you at each step of the way.

04Design strategy

We use our own set of guiding principles to find the meeting point between what’s valuable for your customers and what works for your business, to create a design strategy that works for you.

05Heuristic evaluations

We use rules to measure the usability of user interfaces in an independent walkthrough and report issues so at each step, we'll be able to reveal insights that can help us enhance product usability from early in the project.

06Competitor analysis

We'll research your major competitors to gain insight into their products and marketing tactics to ensure your brand and product can stand its ground and make its own wave.

07UI audit

UI is all about understanding and improving the user's interaction with your product, so we focus on how the product expresses itself in visible language and create a plan to move it forwards.

08Content priority planning

Content for the site should be discussed with the business goals, user needs and target audience in mind, so we'll help you surface all the content requirements and prioritise them for the site.

09UX Consultancy

Our experienced UX/UI designers work with your developer to design solutions, create prototypes and solve problems

10UX (user experience) design

We find the balance between user-centric design and your business objectives. This results in interactions that consider the pace and values set out by your brand personality.

11UI (user Interface) design

With intimate knowledge of both front-end development and branding, we will design your UI so it works perfectly, is on brand and is wildly creative (as long as that's what you're looking for).

12Rapid Prototyping

We create clickable prototypes of our designs so you can interact with the designed concept, share with other stakeholders and get a feel for how the product will look and feel when built.

13Design system creation

We'll create a design system that features a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.

14Developer handover

This is when we hand the designs over to the developers, including any relevent style guides, design systems, prototypes and videos showing specific animations, scroll behaviours or transitions.


We don't just design your website, we have in-house front- and back-end developers who we work alongside to bring the designs to life and create your product.

16Headless microsite

Use one CMS to power all of your microsites. We see your content as data and your custom built frontend as something that should be re-used accross campaigns.

17Virtual event platform

Create engaging virtual events and reach your audience around the world with a virtual event platform built specifically for your needs.

18Sanity headless CMS

Sanity.io is a platform that enables a user to manage text, images, and other media with APIs. It offers a host of APIs, libraries, and tooling that helps leverage the benefits of having all content available as a single source of truth, distributed across channels and websites.

19React.js (PWA)

When it comes to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) React.js is our weapon of choice. With React.js we build digital products that work seamlessly across devices.

20Vercel static site hosting

Vercel is a static site hosting platform providing a modern, scalable hosting solution for websites. It offers simple build with lightning quick performance, security and scalability.

21Next.js frontend

Next.js is a scalable React framework that provides building blocks to create performant web applications and superfast static websites. It offers a strong user experience, it's ideal for SEO and is extremely flexible when building UX and UI.

22Node.js backend

We love JavaScript here at evensix, so any server side development we do, we opt for Node.js.

23Storybook pattern library

Storybook is a tool that makes UI development faster and easier by isolating components and bringing logic and order to managing and applying them. Using Storybook means we have a library of your components that can quickly be used across your web properties.

24Usability testing

A key part of optimising your site, we can run or facilitate usability testing with relevant participants to provide qualitative feedback on one or more specific user interfaces.

25Hosting and maintenance

We offer secure and lightning-fast hosting and maintenance packages for our clients, so you can rest assured, once we've built your site it's still secure and operating with peak performance.

26Website optimisation

Key to ensuring the maximum return on a digital product is website optimisation, so we run controlled experiments with the goal to improve a website's ability to drive your core business goals.

27Technical SEO

We ensure your site is being accessed, crawled, indexed and interpreted by search engines in the way it should, making sure your content is easily accessible to your target audience.


To deliver a digital marketing campaign it’s essential to be utterly adept with the data, and we genuinely are, providing insights, making updates and tailoring campaign messaging.

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