Three years in, and we’re making it official!

Toby Jervis
Toby Jervis
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When we started out in March 2019, we knew we wanted to do things differently. To create work we're passionate and proud of, to maximise our skills as UX / UI designers and Jamstack developers, to constantly iterate and push the boundaries within our industry, and to work with some great progressive brands that want to go on that journey with us.

After three and a half years in business, we can say that we’ve done that. It hasn’t been easy to find the time in the midst of client work but along the way, we’ve developed our proposition, our brand and our website to make sure it reflects this. Now, we’re ready to let it step outside the four walls of our studio and say hello to the world.

So, what’s changed?

Our Proposition

We are an agency of UX / UI designers and full stack developers so digital sits at the heart of everything we do. But rather than try to do a smattering of different things (including marketing, PPC etc.) in a world full of limitations, we wanted to embrace the unimagined. Ultimately, digital is growing at a crazily fast pace so it’s important to focus specifically on the type of work we can deliver, and deliver it well. We distilled that to two main parts: Digital Brands and Digital Products.

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Digital Brands

Very simply, we have an absolute love of branding; getting the chance to realise a brand’s culture, its purpose, its vision - both visually and verbally - is really exciting. There are limited boundaries; you need to design something flexible enough to work across both digital and physical spaces and of course adhere to standards which are often overlooked in brand guidelines but with digital, anything is possible

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Digital Products

Relevance is key. When you create something in the digital world that people will interact with, everything is measurable. Plus, you can get instant feedback which means you can iterate straightaway to make sure you’re resonating with the right people and achieving your objectives. And an audience is a fascinating thing. Really understanding who they are, how they behave, how they interact is such an interesting element when creating a digital product. Plus, you’re working with code, so as long as you’re keeping accessibility and responsiveness front of mind, the possibilities are endless.

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Our brand

Three years ago, we were a start-up with a logo. Now, we're an established business, with progressive clients and a brand and a proposition that clearly defines who we are and where our expertise lies. We've gone from start-up to scale-up and we're ready to show everyone who we are and what we do.

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Our website

Our new brand and proposition needed a new home, aligned to our new look, communicating our updated message and our ability as designers and developers... as well as being a place where you can understand the strategy behind the business, see our work and understand more about what makes us tick.

Have a look around and get in touch with us if you’d like to chat.