Demonstrating the Sanity difference.

  • Name generation
  • Logo design
  • Brand proposition
  • 3D visuals
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Name
  • Brand proposition
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Style guide
  • 3D Renders


Sanity is a composable content cloud that uses structured content to endlessly re-use content across any channel, with a composable approach to help businesses connect to any third-party technology, data source and frontend framework.

With a major product launch pending, the existing demo brand couldn't do justice to the impact of the new product across different use cases and channels. Therefore, it's initial request was for an innovative and flexible demo brand that could tell a relatable story across a number of channels and solutions.


We started by considering different sectors / products that could tell the all-encompassing story that Sanity was looking for. We agreed to focus on a cycling brand that offered product, merchandise, travel solutions and stories through multiple channels, as well as addressing the real-world complexity of changing price points, revenue models etc.

With the aim to keep the demo brand aligned to Sanity's core values, we devised the TOV, pitch and personality before christening the new brand Sanetti. We followed this with the creation of a visual identity, including logo and marque, creating assets and a content model that enabled the brand to be brought to life.


A tangible brand with a compelling narrative, expansive assets including a 3D model of a bike and a conceptual store environment, alongside a content model and frontend elements to enable it to be launched to the public and used for future brand demonstrations moving forward.

Simen Svale Skogsrud, CTO and co-founder of Sanity: "evensix have a great track record of delivering remarkable client experiences on Sanity. We asked them to help us create demos showcasing Sanity Create at our launch event and they really came through for us. Their contribution to the launch was invaluable."

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CFS Fixings logo mark embossed onto a brushed steel surface