Workshop: Is the Headless CMS approach right for your business?

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Workshop Agenda

01 - Headless Suitability

Understanding the headless approach

The benefit of headless to your users

Defining your System Architecture

Stakeholder requirements

02 - Understanding Your Content

The Content Model

Define your content types

Within the workshop we will find out if a Headless approach is suitable for your business. We'll also uncover your Content Model so you can begin your content-first journey.

Our Headless CMS Workshop is a free of charge, half day session for up to three people:

  • Where: Hosted either at our studio in Charlbury, at your office or a neutral location that suits the team attending
  • When: Will usually take place within a month of outreach

In this workshop, we review your business goals, user goals and appropriate channels for distributing your content. Want to know more about a Headless CMS?

Session One

Headless Suitability

  • 01

    Understanding the Headless approach

    We’ll explain the concept of headless in 5 minutes. We’ll then apply it to your own business with working examples.

  • 02

    Defining your system architecture

    We’ll take a deeper dive into your current digital set up. We’ll talk about how the systems in your architecture currently communicate and how data is stored.

  • 03

    Business suitability

    We'll objectively assess the suitability of headless for your business. Are there blockers for using headless? Are there platforms we can recommend for your individual needs?

  • 04

    Stakeholder requirements

    Adopting a headless set up is as much about a change in mindset as a change in technology. We’ll help you define a business case for using (or not using) a headless CMS for your content.

Session Two

Understanding your content

  • 01

    The Content Model

    A Content Model sits at the heart of your business. It is a working blueprint for the delivery of your data and content throughout the organisation.

  • 02

    Define your Content Types

    We’ll look to define the key pieces of content that make up your content river.

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