Bringing art to organic beauty.

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Nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside, on the edge of a saw mill, sits an enchanting artist’s studio which is home to LA-EVA, a Soil Association certified organic skincare range that brings together the highest quality organic ingredients with a passion for art, simplicity and well-being.
Selection of La Eva soap bars
La Eva Logo
La Eva colour scheme
Row of La Eva soap bottles, Spice shampoo
Close up of a row of La Eva soap bottles, Roseum wash
Row of La Eva, small salvia toner bottles
Row of La Eva bottles, shampoo and conditioner
La Eva Blu range, photographed distressed wooden table
Label paint texture for La Eva Roseum range
Label paint texture for La Eva Blu range
Label paint texture for La Eva Sage range
Label paint texture for La Eva Spice range
La Eva Rosuem bottles side profile on a distressed wooden table

“If wellbeing came in a bottle, what would it look like? Probably a lot like La Eva”

Wallpaper Magazine

“How holistic got hip [...]. If left of centre looks and feels like this, we’ll be in the left lane for the foreseeable future”

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