Connecting and inspiring Premier League coaches

Laptop suspended in mid-air showcasing designs for the Premier League virtual event platform, with surrounding Premier League graphics
  • Design strategy
  • UX (user experience) design
  • UI (user Interface) design
  • Development
Top features
  • Virtual event platform
  • Membership permissions
  • Hosted breakout rooms
  • Live chat
  • Live streaming
  • On demand content
  • Live polls


Premier League were looking to host an exclusive Coaching Summit for senior people in its network. It needed a platform to not only host live and on-demand events, but also offer a destination to share content, connect people and highlight its sponsors.


We designed and built a fully customised and branded platform, which included event functionality for both live and catch-up webinars, content related to the topic, chat functionality and an opportunity for its user to connect and network.


  • Over 200 people attended
  • 6 events in total
  • 3 consecutive days
Premier League event on a tablet showing voting

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A results orientated digital destination

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