Motion - Video, Animation and channels

With the ever-changing digital landscape one form of content has been slowly creeping to the top. The use of video has fast become the content of choice for many businesses and is now more accessible than it ever has been. Video has the power to engage on all levels and ages from 1-100. It is the perfect way to rise above your competitors and reach new audiences.

At Evensix™ we know how to create video content, how video content works, and how to implement it to its best ability. Everyone's needs and requirements are different, whether it be filming an event, an interview, a campaign video, an explainer animation, product video or animation… the list goes on. We have all the skills required to help you create your desired piece of content.

We don't want you to tell us what you need (but you can) we want to work with you to work out what is right for you. Every type of video content works differently, engages and appeals to different audiences. We will work with you to work out what your end goal is to make sure we create the right piece of content for you. Not forgetting to understand where this content will be shown, viewed and absorbed, Instagram?Facebook?LinkedIn? Every platform is different and not all content will work cross channels

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