About us

Strategic smarts and creative artistry.

About Us

Insight and inspiration. Logic and magic. Strategic smarts and creative artistry – combined to give you results that make a difference for your business.

Evensix™ was born to show companies like yours that you don’t have to compromise on your marketing. You can have data-driven insights and a solid strategy. You can have exciting design that makes your customers take notice (and your competitors jealous). And believe it or not, you can get it all from just one agency. How is that even possible? Well, you’re about to find out.

How we work

Laws of Evensix™

When we say laws we mean it. They’re like the design equivalent to the laws of physics. Nothing works without them. They’re so important to us that we made them part of our name: Evensix. Six laws. Even parts strategy and creative development.

We apply the ‘Six Laws of Evensix’ to every project we deliver.


01. Learn.

We begin every project by gathering information. Information about you. Your brief. Your business. Your industry. Because we believe the more we find out about you and your world, the better we can help you achieve your goals.

02. Discover.

Once we’ve got that information, we digest, analyse and challenge it to reveal strategic insights. They’ll inform the direction of your project and establish the strategic foundations that everything else will be built on.

03. Plan.

Good creative is always underpinned by a clear plan. Combining strategic insight from our analysis phase with robust project scheduling methodology, we’ll develop a project plan that’s considered and calculated – right from the start.

Creative Development

04. Explore.

We start our creative journey with an open mind, because we think that good creative work always starts from a blank canvas. Building on the strategic foundation we’ve already set, we’ll explore multiple creative routes until we discover a path that nobody else has been down.

05. Create.

We’ve explored, shared, discussed and discarded. Now we’re ready to bring our chosen idea to life. This phase is all about refining the big idea. Testing it. Tweaking it. And testing and tweaking it some more. Until it meets our (and your) exceptionally high standards.

06. Deliver.

We’re proud of each and every project we create. And we won’t rest until you are too. The way we see it, our role isn’t over until we’ve supported you – as much as you need – to implement and deliver your creative solution. Because we want it to be a success just as much as you do.

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